Welcome to …Catalyst Graphics

In 2004 to be exact, an astute Aussie with the name of Sean Andersen, worked tirelessly producing quality digital print material for prestigious company’s here in Australia. He had an eye for both quality and innovation, but most of all saw the market place was in need of a dynamic smart supplier to bring new ideas and vision.

The seed was planted, and Catalyst Graphics was born and began to grow – initially as small digital print company, supplying the needs of key members to the exhibition market, Catalyst Graphics has grown to the dizzying heights of today where we are proudly recognised as one of the market leaders with the latest and most sophisticated machines Australia has known.

In eleven years, Catalyst Graphics has grown at a phenomenal pace that has seen us set the pace and lead by example. Our confidence in both company and our people has seen us grow and increase our market by introducing the latest technology in digital print machinery, expanding our manufacturing capabilities to new levels defining business with an unprecedented leading edge. Every product is crafted with great care and attention to detail.

The introduction of key staff along the way has been fundamental in lifting Catalyst Graphics profile in the market place and provides the expertise needed to support the progression of the company. The type of growth doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn't happen unless you've got something unique to offer.

What sets Catalyst Graphics apart is our ability to bring your ideas to life, to deliver the brief and listen intently to you, our clients, we don’t consider ourselves to be just another supplier, think of us as your strategic partner.

We’re passionate about bringing our customers the very best in digital print and augmented technology year after year, making a difference. That’s Catalyst Graphics.

If your image is important to you then take the step – call Catalyst Graphics on Sydney 02 9457 0024. The solution to all your print and signage requirements.